Thursday, 28 December 2017

Week 2 : Day 4 : Activities 1, 2 + Bonus Activity

Day 4: Another World War
At the end of the 1930s, the world has been shaken
once more by the start of another World War (WWII).
World War Two started on the 1st of September, 1939 when
an army from Germany invaded a country called Poland. Two
days later, England and France declared war on Germany and
WWII began.

Activity 1: An Eventful Experience
WWII was made up of many battles and events.
Follow this link to read more about the timeline
of WWII.

Choose two key events and find out some more
information about what happened on those days.
On your blog, write a short summary of two events,
including the names of people involved and where
the event happened.
Two Key Events of WWII:
> 3rd of September, 1939
Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia declare
war on Germany:
On the 3rd September, 1939 Britain, France, Australia
and New Zealand declared war on Germany. But before
any of that happened 2 days ago Germany had invaded
Poland causing the attack from Britain, France, Australia
and New Zealand.

> 16th of January, 1941
Establishment of Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF):
On the 16th January, 1941 the establishment of the
Women’s Auxiliary Air Force was made. But later on
Tobruk in Libya goes to British and Australian troops.

Activity 2: A Call to Arms
Over the course of WWII, approximately 140,000
New Zealanders were sent overseas to serve in
the war. Many were sent to fight in huge battles,
including the Battle of the Atlantic that lasted for
2064 days (over 5 years)! The Battle of the Atlantic
came to an end in 1943, in large part due to the heroic
efforts of people like Lloyd Trigg, a pilot from New
Zealand. He was awarded a special medal from the
New Zealand Government for his bravery. It is called
a Victoria Cross (‘VC’ for short). A total of 22 New
Zealanders have been awarded VCs.

Click on this link to find a list of VC winners. Choose
one from the Second World War, and read about him.
On your blog tell us about him. Who was he? What did
he do to earn a Victoria Cross medal?

Charles Hazlitt Upham:
Charles Upham was a man who was a soldier, and a
soldier who fought in the Second World War - WWII.
Not only he won a Victoria Cross medal, but he won
two of them. This was caused by his actions that led
him to become the only combat soldier to have one
the awards. He received his first one in Crete in May
1941 and his other one in Egypt in July 1942, meaning
he received a VC the next year later.

Bonus Activity: Women at Work
Both men and women served in World War II.
Many women chose to enlist as nurses and be
stationed overseas caring for wounded soldiers.
My nana was one of those nurses. She (Dorothy)
spent much of World War II working on a large
Red Cross ship that was stationed off the coast of
Cairo, Egypt.   

For this activity, you are going to imagine that you
are just like Dorothy and that you are working as a
nurse on a large medical ship.

One day you are walking along the deck of the ship
when you hear a loud bang.
You start to run as you see smoke coming from the
far end of the ship. You run towards the room where
your patients are waiting to receive treatment from the
doctor. Just as you arrive at the door to their room you
hear another loud bang and you…

Complete the story provided above. To earn full points
you must write, at least, 8-10 sentences. What happens

Short Story:

As I walk along the deck of the ship I hear a
loud bang. Boom! So I start to run but then I
see smoke coming from the far end of the ship
and continue to run towards the room where my
patients are; waiting to receive their treatment.
But just as I arrive at the door to which their room l
ays ahead I hear another loud bang. “Where could
the banging be coming from” says another nurse. “I
don’t know but we have to gather everybody into one
room and find out what is happening” I said nervously.
So I run as fast as I can to each room one by one telling
each person to get to the Patient's Room. Bang, Bang! I
tremble to the ground as the ship starts to rock, I see other
nurses crying trying to pull themselves up again but somehow
the ship just won’t stop. I get hold of the wall and pull myself,
“It’s time to figure this out” I say to myself but, Boooooooosh!
A gush of water comes flying into the ship but luckily I close the
doors in time. “Oh no! A nurse says “We’re all going to die aren’t
we Dorothy”?

And that was the end of Dorothy and the Ship.


  1. Hello Mikaela, My name is Amie I am also participating in the Summer Learning Journey. You have shown very accurate and interesting stories. It made me think of Wizard of Oz because their main character is Dorothy. Maybe next time you could try make separate blog posts for your activities? Well done!
    From: Amie

  2. Hey there Mikaela, another great post. Well done, I have really enjoyed reading your story that you have written. It sounds like such a terrible situation to be stuck in. You've used some really nice language here. I like how you spoke about trembling to the ground, or the gush of water flying through the door.

    It's quite an exhilarating story, I found myself reading quickly, moving from one sentence to the next, desperate to find out what happens. You've done a great job. Do you usually write stories?

    I wish I could write stories this well.

    Keep it up!

  3. Hey Mikaela, Outstanding work. I wish I could stories this great as well, I like every part of your story that I can't even chose which part is my favourite part. Keep it up.

  4. Hi Mikela,
    First of all great job on the story I really liked it. And when I was reading it it was like putting my shoe into Dorthys so I can experience what she is in.

    By Akesa

  5. Kia Ora Mikaela,

    My name is Jordan and I'm the Kootuitui (Papakura, South Auckland) cluster manager. Alongside Billy, I'm really lucky to be able to comment on your blog!

    Well done on getting so far through the Summer Learning Journey 2017-2018 programme, you should be really proud of yourself.
    I'll be commenting on Activity 1: An Eventful Experience, and Activity 2: A Call to Arms.

    Activity 1: An Eventful Experience.
    Ka pai for finding out about two key events that took place during WWII. I like that you've included one of the most important facts, that being when war itself, was declared. I'm particularly interested in the Womens Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) — they sound so cool, do you know of anything that they did that was really great during the war?

    Activity 2: A Call to Arms.
    Well done for finding out about a Victoria Cross winner. I've read a few other stories about Charles Upham on other student's blogs across New Zealand. One student told me that her Mother actually met Mr. Upham. He was a customer at her work place; how cool is that?
    Do you think you would ever do something as valiant as Mr. Upham?

    I look forward to your response!