Monday, 18 December 2017

Week One : Day One : Activities 1, 2 + Bonus Activity

Day 1: Arriving in New Zealand…
Activities 1, 2 and Bonus Activities

Activity 1: The First Settlers
It is widely believed that the first people to arrive in New Zealand
came from Polynesia.
Most historians believe that they landed in New Zealand over 700
years ago.
Although they were originally from many different countries, these
settlers learned to live together and, eventually, formed their own
distinct culture known as ‘Māori.’  Māori have their own language,
traditions, and culture.

Follow this link to read a short story about a famous man in Māori
mythology – Maui. On your blog, post three facts that you learned
about this interesting man.
What other stories have you heard about Maui?

Three Facts About Maui;
> Since Maui was the youngest out of all his brothers he did not get

to go out and fish with them because they would make excuses and
put them before him so that he would not come.

> Maui gathered all his anger each time his brothers left him behind
because he had believed that he was capable of fishing with them.

> Maui tricked his brothers and proved them wrong so they could
see, and finally, know that he was able to fish and catch at least
something from the deep ocean sea of Tangaroa.

Ko Maui Me Te Ra - Maui and the Sun;
Maui and the Sun is the story of the time when Maui slowed down
the Sun because all days were short and all nights were long. This
stopped Maui and his brothers from being able to do daily things
like; hunting, fishing, and plantations. So one day Maui decided to
make the sun become slower, but he also wanted to do it together
with his brothers which they did not agree to do untilhe convinced
them with his many reasons. On that afternoon they began to work,
gathering flax to make strong ropes that would hold the sun. And
on the night they journeyed far, arriving at Te Rua-o-te-Ra
( Cave of the Sun ). As the Sun, Te Ra arose from his cave ropes
of flax flew both ways so that everything would hold him tightly.
From then on Maui made an agreement with him and the Sun finally
agreed to slow down each day.
That was the story of Maui and the Sun.

Activity 2: Setting Sail
The first settlers to come to New Zealand must have been really
brave! They had to leave their original homes and sail thousands
of miles across the ocean on a special boat called a ‘waka’ to
reach New Zealand.

Imagine that you were on board one of the wakas. On your blog,
write a short letter to a friend telling them about your voyage to
New Zealand. In the letter be sure to tell them how you feel about
moving to a new country. If it was me, I would have felt really

Letter to Caroline Pome’e;

Hi Laine!
I just arrived in New Zealand and the voyage was very rocky
because each time a gust of wind came along it blew the Waka
this way then that way and it was just so disturbing, especially to
my stomach. I felt so sick that I just wanted to barf right into the
ocean sea, my face turned blue as soon as the wind hit us. It was
the most “moving” ride ever! Anyways I felt so sad when I found out
that I was going to leave my home Country because it was a time
where I was going to leave my close family, friends but also you.
Despite feeling sad from my moving, I was very nervous to be
travelling on a Waka so narrow that I’d almost think I’m falling to one
side of it. Last of all, Good Luck for next year and I hope to see you
sometime soon.  

Sincerely, Mikaela.

Bonus Activity: Waka Ama
To this day, the people of New Zealand still use waka. Instead of
using their waka to transport them from one place to another, they
sometimes use waka in special events and in sporting competitions
such as Waka Ama. Both boys and girls compete in Waka Ama boat

Watch this short video of a Waka Ama race. On your blog tell us
whether you
would like to be in a Waka Ama race one day. Why or why not?

In My Opinion:
I would like to be in a Waka Ama race because I am the type of person
that very much like to participate in sports and even though this sport
takes part in the water I would still like to join the sport. It also takes a lot
of strength and power to be apart of this sport because it involves paddling
and teamwork altogether.



  1. Hey Mikaela,

    I think your three facts about Maui was interesting, I like the part where he proved to his brothers that he could fish, it was very encouraging.
    I also read your explanation of the story of "Maui and the Sun" it was jam packed with information! It was very insightful.

    Your letter to Caroline was very descriptive, I could imagine on that boat ride looking very ill.
    Who would you of taken with you if you had the chance?

    Wow! It would be very exciting to see you in a Waka Ama race, I also liked the confidence you showed in your writing.
    I hope you participate in the future!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. First of all, thanks for commenting (:
      Second of all I would take you with me and some other people.


  2. Hi Mikaela,

    I really like the part when you say that you would like to join the Waka Ama one day because you said that you are a person who is a type of person that likes to join in sports.

    I also like the part when you say that it takes a lot of strength and power to be apart of this sport because it involves paddling and teamwork.You are definitely right.I can't wait until you blog more.

  3. Hi Milaela,
    I love the intresting part you you say why maui was not allwed to got fishing and how he gathered his anger together I love that part. That shows me that you know how he would've felt.
    Great job ,Keep it up
    By Akesa

  4. What's up Mikaela,

    I liked how you had facts about how Maui proved to his brothers that he could fish and that he was the best fisherman in the world. Also that was a great idea writing a explanation of the story Maui and the sun for others who have not heard of the story.

    Wow when I was reading your letter it felt as if it was real and I could feel how you were feeling on that waka.

    I think that you would be the perfect person to join waka ama as you are strong, fit and can work well with other people in a team.

    Also if you were to take part in the sport with a friend who would you choose to join you and why.

    Keep it up!

    Katelyn :)

  5. Hey Mikaela, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme and I am looking forward to blogging with you this summer!

    Well done on such a great start to your summer learning journey. You have included some really interesting facts about Maui.

    Do you think it was cheeky of Maui to trick his brothers? His brothers weren't very nice to Maui.

    Thanks, Billy

  6. Mikaela, your letter is outstanding!

    You have included so much detail and have described how you were feeling so well. I never thought about getting sea sick and the big gusts of wind. It would have been such a dangerous journey!

    Do you think there would have been sharks or other sea creatures that might have harmed the travelers?

    I wonder what they ate on the waka...?
    And how long it took to get there...?

    Thanks, Billy

  7. Mikaela, you have written another wonderful post about the Waka Ama. Congratulations! I like how honest your opinion is. It would take a lot of team work you are right. You would have to paddle at the same time and work so hard. You would soon get big and strong, but it would take a lot of commitment.

    Do you play any other sports?

    Thanks, Billy

  8. Kia ora Mikaela
    My name is Sarah and I go to Glen Innes School
    I love your work, it is so well written. I can see a bright future heading your way. If you were in the Waka Ama what country would you represent?

  9. Hey Mikaela,
    Activity 1 - I like your writing because they make sense, also you explain your answers perfectly. I think Maui is a mean as guy because he has powers and he's a God.

    Great work

  10. Hey Mikaela,
    Activity 2 - If I was on my way to New Zealand for the first time ever I would of been nervous and shy. I'd be algood tho.

    Great work

  11. Hey Mikaela,
    Bonus Activity - I like playing sports with my brothers. We mostly play basketball at the parks,Burger kings, and inside courts.

    What's your favourite Sport?
    Great work