Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Technology at Tamaki College

Wednesday 02nd May 2018 - 02/05/18
Cooking Class with Mrs. Tuipulotu

What Did you Do at Tech:
Today at technology my class made Butter Chicken and Naan Bread. Everything about the Butter Chicken was great except for the chicken, the chicken wasn’t as nice but only because the chicken was overcooked. The Naan bread that we made was hard on the outside but soft on the inside.
What Did you Learn at Tech:
I learnt that using the right equipment is always important because using equipment that may be not in good use is not okay for the food and it also takes up most of your time.   
What Did you Learn at Tech:
The ingredients that we used for the Butter Chicken was:
Chicken, Flour, Oil, Sauce and Milk
The ingredients that we used for the Naan Bread was:

Flour, Oil, Yeast and Salt

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  1. Hi Mikaela.. did you enjoy this dish? Sounds like a challenging dish to make but I hope it tasted good in the end 😊