Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Last Day in Cooking Tech

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 23/05/18
Mrs Tuipulotu's Cooking Class
Today was the last day in Cooking at Technology. For the last day we made Egg Burgers. I worked with Joseph and I thought that he was a bit bossy but alright to work with.
The Ingredients we used were:
Toasted Burger Buns
Medium sized egg
Red Onion

I enjoyed my last day in Cooking and I look forward to the next Tech Class.


  1. Hello Mikaela, My name is Caitlyn. Please to meet you. I think you have done a cool job on cooking. What did you like most? Did you enjoy it? Was there anything that you didn't like about cooking? Maybe Next time you could tell us a bit more about how you enjoyed it.

  2. Hey Mikaela these look super tasty but did you eat it because I know you don't like eggs hehe.. sometimes you'll have to work with difficult people but just look at it as a challenge.. good to see you both got there in the end 👍

  3. Hi Mum, I did not eat this burger because it was Aaliyah's birthday and I decided to give her my burger because I do not like eggs. Thank you for commenting on my blog and working with Joseph was challenging.