Friday, 16 September 2016

What it means to be a Tongan

What it means to be a _______
The meaning for me as being a Tongan is my family traditions, every time at the end of the year my whole family has a big barbecue or we travel overseas to Tonga to visit the family who live there.

This year in December some of my family are going to Tonga for the blessing of the new house that my great uncle and other family has built. There is always something going on every year in my family, sometimes my family is so busy that they forget the birthdays of people. Every time a 1st or 21st birthday is celebrated it is a special time for that person because it is their day. In most celebrations a dance is done by someone in the family with oil on them. While the person dances, sometimes money is stuck to them which is for the birthday girl or boy.

Most of my family speaks Tongan except for most of the children, our grandparents and elder family always try to make us speak our language to show that we are being a part of our culture.

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