Monday, 5 September 2016

Describing a monster in detail

In this activity I learned to describe in detail and how to use adjectives in my writing.
Storyline Online
I Need My Monster!!!

Musty, that’s the name of my favourite monster and that is because his skin is as hairy as an lion’s mane with stumpy bumps. He also has eyes that are round like eggs and eyebrows that point towards the sky into a triangular shape. He has a stumpy body with 7 claws and 14 teeth sharp like spears. Musty as well has an unusual tongue as long as a snake. To my surprise he hardly has any ears and sounds as if he comes from New Jersey because of the way he speaks with a mouth widened to the size of a ruler. He has legs that are hairy too and drooling like a baby Musty is a monster that loves to scare. That’s why he’s my favourite monster.IMG_6905.JPG

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