Friday, 23 September 2016

Grandparents Poem

23/09/2016 - Friday 23rd September 2016.
Acrostic Poem

Grandma, this is my poem to you, every single thing I have participated in, you have supported me too.
Racing and speeding everywhere, you are always doing work, whenever I ask for something you give me a little smirk.
Anxious or not you always look out for me, making sure I’m alright, please don’t go away so early it’ll make me feel uptight.
Nobody loves you more than me, except God loves you more and more.
Don’t say you’re going now before I hug you at the door, you tell me always stay humble and care for the poor.
Many people might not appreciate you but I appreciate what you do.

A thousand times we’ve said to each other I love you too.

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