Friday, 23 February 2018

Statistical Investigation

February 23rd Friday 2018 - Statistical Investigation
Task: To answer the questions below and post to your Blog

What are we doing?
In Statistics my group (Aaliyah, Katelyn and myself) is working
on the problem; People aren’t eating enough Vegetables and Fruit.
We are working through a process of the Plan, Data, Analysis and
Conclusion. We have now gotten up to the Data part where we
have created a survey for our classmates which will give us the
information to find out if our problem is true or not.

So What/What Does it mean?
For this activity the information will give us a reason to expand
our problem to a new solution. This means that if our problem is
true we will have a chance to improve the lunches that the people
in the class have.

Why Does it Matter?
It matters because having a healthy balanced lunch is always good
for your mental and physical outcome/well being.

Now What/What is going to happen next/
What will you do Next/Afterwards?

After finding out if our problem is true then my group and I will
plan to see if we can influence people to eat more healthier lunches

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