Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Day 19: Planes, trains and automobiles

Day 19 - Week 4.

It’s the last day in your country and it’s the final chance to head out and see places or people that you have yet to visit. It’s also your last day to sample the local food and enjoy the atmosphere. You decide that you will head out of the city and explore some of the smaller, neighbouring towns. In order to leave the city, you will need to find a vehicle. It could be a bus, a train, a taxi, a bicycle, a scooter...
Activity 1
Let’s imagine that the neighbouring town was about 30 kilometres away. There are a number of beautiful villages and interesting things to see along the way. You have four options for this trip. You can take a:
  1. Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return)
  2. Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
  3. Scooter – 1 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops; $5 for the trip (return)
  4. Bicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops but there are some hills along the way; $1 (return)
On your blog, tell us which of these four options you would choose and why!
The option that I would choose would be the Train because it takes less time, there would be no stops during the train ride and $12 would be a good amount of money to pay.
Activity 2
These days there are, literally, dozens of different kinds of vehicles that we can use. Some of them are quite familiar (eg. car, truck, bus) but some are very unique and different. Watch this Youtube clip of the most Amazing vehicles ever made.
When you have finished tell us which of the vehicles you liked the most. On your blog tell us the name of the vehicle and the reasons why you liked it so much. There are a number of pretty interesting options!
The name of the vehicle I liked the most was the Segway because it would be easy to manage and control and also fun to ride on.
Bonus Activity
The Canadian government has decided to build the longest walking trail in the world. It is called the Great Trail’ and it covers 15 000 miles. Wow! For this activity, we are drawing inspiration from this walking trail and thinking about our own footprints.
Your task is to use DrawIsland tool to create your own digital footprint. The footprint must include your name and the name of the country that you are visiting. Otherwise, you can decorate it in any way that you want. It’s totally up to you! Once you have drawn your footprint, save it, and then upload it to your blog. Here is an example of my footprint:


  1. Hey Mikaela,
    Just saw your blog pop up then I had a look at it. The train I think would be the fastest but I would go for the bike because you can take unlimited stops and you can exercise by ridding. So you won't have to spend that much money on a train for more money. Anyways your doing great and your nearly finished so you're going to be finishing soon!!!. Other than that Great blogging keep it up.

    Happy New Year #2017

  2. Hi Jerome,thank you for the feed back and riding a bike would be good for exercise so maybe next time I will think about what can happen when I am choosing between different options. Happy New Years!

  3. Hi Mikaela,

    I love your drawing - the peace sign on your footprint is such a good idea! And you incorporated lots of colour in your digital footprint - super!

    I too would be tempted to take a train if I only had a few days to visit a country and there was much that I wanted to see. It's hard to know, sometimes, whether to spend time getting from place to place or to spend it in a particular place, and travel quickly. Perhaps there are benefits to both approaches!

    Do you like to ride bikes or scooters? I've never been on a scooter but perhaps I'll get a chance one day. It would be fun to have a scooter to get around our small town in the summer. In the winter, with all of the snow that we get, it probably wouldn't be possible to ride a scooter very often. I think you have a better climate in Auckland for riding both bikes and scooters, don't you?

    I hope you've enjoyed this Summer Learning Program - you've certainly worked very hard at the activities. Well done!