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Day 16: National Celebrations

Day 16 - Week 4
Sights and Sounds

Your big overseas adventure is about to come to an end☹. Before you head back to New Zealand you want to spend the last few days seeing the most famous and important sights in the country. You may also want to join in some of the festivities.
Today is a very special day in the country! It’s a major national holiday and everyone is celebrating! Scroll down to learn more about the national holiday in your country.
Canada – The national day in Canada is called ‘Canada Day.’ It is celebrated on 1 July every year. People in Canada like to celebrate the holiday by getting together with friends, having a meal and setting off fireworks. People usually eat food from the barbecue on Canada Day. Some of the most popular foods are hot dogs, hamburgers, poutine (fries with gravy and cheese), and nachos.  C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Canada Day photo.jpg

Chile – The national day in Chile is called the Fiestas Partrias of Chile. It is celebrated on two different days - 18 September and 19 September. The people of Chile love to celebrate their national days by going to watch Chilean rodeos, dancing the cueca (a traditional dance), watching parades and going to barbecues. Food is a very important part of the celebration. Chileans like to eat lots of meat. A popular dish is called pino (a mixture of beef and onion).C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Chilean National Day.jpg
Germany – The national day in Germany is called The Day of German Unity. It is celebrated on 3 October each year. Everyone in Germany has the day off from school and work. They usually get together with friends and family to enjoy some delicious food. Some of their favourite foods are sausages, potato salad, and sauerkraut (sour cabbage).

Malaysia – The national day in Malaysia is called Hari Merdeka or Independence Day. It is celebrated every year on 31 August. It is a public holiday and the people of Malaysia usually celebrate by having large parades, concerts and events. The military men and women in Malaysia usually participate in the parades. The children in Malaysia usually get dressed up in their best clothes and people eat very traditional Malaysian foods.C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\MD army.jpg
United Kingdom – There is currently no official national day in the United Kingdom, however, there are many public holidays that people celebrate. They are usually called ‘bank holidays’ because the banks close on those days. The British people love to get together with family and friends on the bank holidays. They will often go to watch a horse racing or greyhound racing on a holiday. They may also get together at a local pub to watch a game of football (soccer) or rugby on the television. Common foods to eat on the bank holidays include English favourites such as fish and chips or pies.

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\english parade.jpg
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Mexico independence day.jpg
Mexico – The national day in Mexico is celebrated over two days – 15 and 16 September. It is a very special time for the people of Mexico as it represents the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence from Spain. The war started in 1810 and ended in 1821. Each year the current Mexican president re-enacts the ‘call for independence’ by ringing a bell. Everyone in Mexico has time off over this period and many spend time with their family and friends. They share special food together like enchiladas, cecinas, and bistec. Some Mexicans will participate in parades and engage in folklore dancing.
South Africa – Freedom Day is celebrated on the 27th of April in South Africa. It celebrates freedom and commemorates the first elections held in 1994 in South Africa where both white and black people were allowed to vote. Prior to 1994, only white people were allowed to vote. Black people had very limited voting rights. On Freedom Day, the people of South Africa celebrate by eating special dishes likes Vetkoek (Fried bread with filling), bobtie (spicy quiche), and peppermint crisp tarts. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Freedom day in SA.jpg
United Arab Emirates – The national day in the United Arab Emirates is celebrated every year on 2 December. It makes the day that the seven emirates (territories) came together in 1972. On UEA National Day people often dress up in green, white, black and red and attend car rallies and dance shows. They will also decorate their homes with banners and attend large firework shows and concerts. It is a huge day of celebration!C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\UAE national day.jpg
Japan – In Japan, the national day is celebrated on 11 February. It is called ‘National Foundation Day’ and it honours the original founding of Japan and the reign of the first emperor, Jimmu. On National Foundation Day, some people in Japan will gather together to celebrate, however they do not usually have large parties or celebrations. Most people will have the day off of work.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\National Foundation Day - Japan.jpg
Australia – The National Day of Australia, or Australia Day, is held every year on 26 January. It is a huge event in Australia with most people attending local community festivals, concerts or parties. New Australian citizens are sworn in on the 26th of January and everyone has the day off of work. It is common for people to get together with friends to have a barbecue. Steak and chips are often on the menu!
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Australia Day.jpeg
Activity 1
Imagine that you are visiting on the national holiday of your chosen country. On your blog tell us what you would eat, see and do on that day.
I would eat hot dogs and hamburgers. I would see my family, friends and we would watch a movie or let off fireworks.

Activity 2
Create a brand new public holiday for the country.  Use your creativity to come up with a name for the holiday and a short description of how people in the country celebrate the holiday. Do they all get the day off? Do they eat special foods or go to special events to mark the day? On your blog tell us what you do on that day.
My public holiday for the country would be called Free. It would be called Free because everybody wouldn't have to go to school or work everyone would just have a day off. But during the day off you would have to spend the day with your family by going out somewhere.

Bonus Activity
In New Zealand our national holiday is on 6 February. It is called Waitangi Day. What do you do to celebrate Waitangi Day? Do you go somewhere special? On your blog tell us what you do on that day.

On Waitangi Day the day represents the signing of the Treaty, The Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty was signed on the 6th of February 1840.


  1. Hey Mikaela,
    Just wanted to say that I agree just light up some fireworks and go to eat some burgers and more. You are doing great so just keep the great work up!


  2. Hey Mikaela,
    Just wanted to say that I agree just light up some fireworks and go to eat some burgers and more. You are doing great so just keep the great work up!


  3. Hey Mikaela,

    Just wanted to tell you that your doing a fantastic job keep it up!

    Happy New Year

  4. Hi Mikaela,

    I love the name of your new national holiday. And I like that you suggest people spend the day with family and/or going out to be with other people in the community. That's what special national holidays are all about, for sure.

    I wonder if you would want people to think about a particular aspect of New Zealand life that they might want to celebrate on that "Free" day? Perhaps you'd like to suggest that Kiwis celebrate the beauty of your natural environment, or the way in which you all help each other when you have challenges to face such as the recent earthquake in Kaikoura?

    Just a thought.

    I'm glad you're working so hard on this blogging program!


  5. Kia ora Mikaela!

    I'm Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey. I was just having a browse through all the students blogs and came across yours.

    Just thought I would let you know that I think you're doing a great job and I hope you continue through until the end. It is really good to see that you have so many people commenting on your blogs too! So cool.

    I think you missed one part of that last bonus activity, it asks what you usually do on Waitangi Day. Usually may family spends some time at a beach or we go for a hike. Public holidays are good like that. Some people go to Waitangi and protest. I think it's important that we remember the past, but also enjoy the day we have. How about you? What does your family use the extra free time for?

    Kia kaha,