Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 2: Tom and Vinicius find a home

Day 2: Tom and Vinicius find a home - 2016 Olympics in Rio

What I think is happening in the video is that Tom and Vinicius is trying to find a home, then Vinicius and Tom get an idea of making a homes for themselves nearby a tree, suddenly in the middle of the night Tom and Vinicius wake up from their sleep and walk outside and decide to sleep there.

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  1. Mikaela, You have done a very nice job of summarising the episode. It's quite difficult to do that well but you have captured the most important parts of the show.

    Why do you think that the two mascots decided to sleep outside? I personally enjoy sleeping outside in the summer time when it's warm and you can lie out and look at the stars. Do you like camping?

    Keep up the great work with your blogging!!

    Cheers, Rachel :)