Wednesday, 24 June 2015


In Term 2, Room 5 and Room 6 did a Water Inquiry program every Wednesday in the hall with people from Roots, a community group. Alice, Waikare and Candice taught us how to save water by recycling it and how important water is for the planet.
In the 1st week I learned that the water cycle starts in rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans. The sun evaporates the water (liquid) which turns into water vapour (gas). The water vapour condenses back into water droplets and forms clouds.When the water droplets get too heavy they fall back down to the earth as rain.
In the 2nd week I learned how to make a water filter to recycle dirty water. I learned that you have to put small items (sand and cotton balls) at the bottom to filter the water.Big items like rocks go on the top to trap all the dirt and leaves , letting just the water through to the next layer.
In the 3rd week we made a vertical garden out of plastic drink bottles, string and bamboo. I learned that recycle the rain water by setting up the bottles to catch the rain water and move it from one bottle to the next finishing into an empty bottle at the bottom which can be poured back into the bottle at the top .
In the 4th week we learned how to make litterless lunches. I learned that having a litterless lunch keeps our world cleaner by reducing our rubbish, using re-usable bags instead of having a packet of chips from the shop, and taking cut up fruit and vegetables.
              Thank you Roots.

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  1. Hi Mikaela, that was very interesting to read and i hope you will show me how to make a water filter at home, keep up the good writing :)