Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Character Study

Tuesday 14th November 2017 - 14/11/17
This morning my group was focusing on reading and studying one particular character of the story that we are reading called Butterflies by Patricia Grace. 
This is part of analysing the text.
To study the character we have to find from the text, 
Who Is , What Did  & What Say.
We chose to study the granddaughter
Click on the Diagram below to have a better view:


  1. Hello Mikaela, I really like how you have used capital letters and full stops. This looks like a fun activity I remember doing this at my old school. Maybe next Ume you could make the words a bit bigger great job.

    1. Hi Austin, Thank you for the positive comment maybe next time you should read the instructions above the diagram that will direct you.


  2. Kia Ora Mikaela,
    Great job! This would of been a fun activity to do in class. Maybe next time at the bottom of your post you could write something like Please leave me a positive, thoughtful helpful comment to help me move forward with my learning.
    Anyways Good Job!