Friday, 26 August 2016

Times tables practice

Today in my multiplication timed results I got 64/66, on Monday I got 60/66. I need to practice my Find Dividend/Divisor so I can improve and earn a higher result.
Prototec Timed 0 - 10 Multiplication Friday results
Prototec Multiplication 0 - 10 Timed Friday results


  1. Hi Mikaela
    My name is Analei, I am a year 7 student at your School. I was so amazed at your score for Prototec.

    Keep up the Great Work

  2. Hi Mikaela,I am so pleased that you have faith to understand more about your maths.

  3. Well Mikaela.

    You are very improving in your maths. I really love the way how you have explained some information's about your result. Its is good to see that you are improving.

    Keep up the hard work Mikaela.