Friday, 20 May 2016

Story map of Stage Fright

Summary of Stage Fright:

Stage fright is a story about a girl that makes a mistake while reading a poem in front of the class, then takes advice/help from her teacher making her feel less frightened and overcomes her stage fright.

Story Map
Creating a story map is a way to help you understand and summarize the stories you read.  When you make a story map, you identify the basic story elements, such as the characters, setting, conflict, and important plot events.
Title:Stage Fright
Characters:Amber, Ms Anderson, Min, Vanessa, Jack, Basheer and Lisa
Conflict or Problems faced between characters: After Min reads her poem Ripple’s Vanessa stands and reads the same poem but makes a few mistakes, then Min feels shame and anger.

Setting: The setting is in the classroom

The Plot - (Events 1-4) You can add more events if you need to
Event 1: Jack tells Ms Anderson that Min wants to read and Min thought that Jack said that in a mean way because he nudged his friend Basheer.

Event 2: Min reads the poem she likes but makes a mistake then everybody stares at her and afterwards Vanessa reads the same poem but messes up while she reads with nobody knowing.

Event 3: Ms Anderson gives/tells Min how she got over her fear of talking in front of the class, then Min gets an idea of what will help herself.

Event 4: Min reads her poem that she wrote and stands up reading it to her whole class.

(The exciting part of the story when everything comes together)

The next week Min reads her poem that she wrote about her grandpa and she does not make a single mistake.

(What happens after the conflict is resolved)

After the conflict is resolved Min gets over her fear of talking in front of the class by taking Ms Anderson’s advice.

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