Friday, 11 December 2015

Kelly Tarltons Trip

                      Kelly Tarltons

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On a freezing Thursday morning St. Pius X school went on a trip to Kelly Tarltons to learn about the underwater sea life. Everyone entered the bus and people in my class were pushing their way to the back so they could sit with their friends, especially the boys.

When we arrived there we started walking into Kelly Tarltons. I saw a Shark Bus with it’s mouth wide open. We had to stay on the yellow line so others could walk past. A lady came and lead us into Scott’s hut letting us walk along.

At the front I saw rakes and spades. Then a kitchen, 2 bunk-beds, a piano, a science room with different equipment, an old sewing machine and a shelf covered with glass with boxes and a old fashioned camera. The camera looked so old and rusty it looked like it couldn’t be used again. After walking around in Scott’s hut there was a photographer taking pictures of people.

When our class walked past, 5 people at a time took a photo, when photo’s were taken there was a rocky blue and white rotating wall. It looked fun to go into then when I stood inside I was getting dizzy.
Next I walked on and saw penguins swimming around each other.

Looking at the penguins was amazing. Then I realised another group of penguins called King penguins (baby penguins). The King penguins stayed in an area without the other penguins with them. I noticed that they have spiky fur unlike the other penguins because they are still young. I looked down and I saw 4 penguins on something that I knew was a heater which was underneath them, and it looked like they were resting. Then we had a morning tea break.

While I was eating morning tea I was looking at the stingrays swimming around the other fish. As soon as we finished our morning tea we carried on walking into a tunnel.

The tunnel we walked into had different sea creatures. I saw lots of sea creatures like yellow moray eel, a wobbegong, a school shark and even muscles on the floor and sticking on the rocks. The School shark was the only shark because how it’s narrow and small unlike the other sharks.

As soon as we finished going around the tunnel we carried onto the other sea creatures. Then I saw that the juniors were still looking around so we had to wait.

Finally we could look at the fish, when I saw the clownfish I called them Nemo because of the Movie Finding Nemo. At the front we all saw a gigantic squid with one of its tentacles next to it and was in a big tank and the skin was peeling off and falling on the floor of the tank.

Looking at the seahorses was amazing because there were two types of seahorses. One is shaped as a rocky line and one just as a normal seahorse. Across from the seahorses were jellyfish. They were in red and blue tanks. I think Jellyfish are interesting because the inside of them looks like a see through bag shaped like a scrunched ball. I also saw lobsters that were so red and had long legs and claws.

After a while the lady lead us into a room where we learned about how they rescued sea creatures that were in danger, saving them from getting sick and taking them from the sea. The lady also talked about rubbish in the water and how it affects the creatures and how long rubbish can take to break down. Afterwards she told us how turtles have bad eyesight and see plastic bags as jellyfish and they would die or get sick if they ate it.

Last of all, we looked at some items like shark teeth, a mermaid purse, shark skin and a dried sea horse. We had to get into groups of 5 and had to look at each item and choose 1 person to tell which item was their favourite and why. I felt every item but I liked the the shark teeth out of all of them. In my group Falakiko stood up and said what and why the item he liked is his favourite.

As soon as everyone said their part we packed up and headed off to school, we said our goodbye’s and thank you’s and each class took their box of food and back to school.

What I learned today was that we could get sick if we stood on clownfish anemone the same as other sea creatures they could die. Clownfish have oils on their skin that’s why they only can touch the anemone, their home is the safest in the Underwater Sea Life.

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