Friday, 27 September 2013

Rugby League

On Tuesday the 10th Room 5 went to rugby league we played octopus, Koma chose two taggers the taggers were Lenleigh  and Kalisi. When I ran passed Kalisi she didn’t tag me then on the second round I got tagged.
On the first game we played Numbers game when Koma said to go into 5 groups of people and then Saveu and Alilia also Anna-Lisa and I came together.
After that we stayed in our groups of five because we were going to play another game the game was passing the ball. Saveu was the first one she had to run to the green cone and back to the yellow cone then to the green cone and then to the yellow cone again and pass. After playing the octopus game we had to say goodbye to Koma .  
By Mikaela 

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