Friday, 17 March 2017

My Word Cloud

Learn: To develop my Vocabulary in how I create my meanings of words and understand the words.
My Word Cloud that I created with the new Vocabulary:

My Description and Word Cloud

Learn: To find out habitats in our green space.
Our green space is filled with different things and is based on a small hill behind the classes. In our green space we have a couple of fruit trees and a fruit plant that hasn’t been harvested. This place is filled with green grass with weeds poking out from the top and has a big tree with lots of branches and leaves.
My Word Cloud that I created with the new Vocabulary:

Friday, 10 March 2017

Environment: What I have Been Learning

Today during learning about the Environment some of my Aiga group was learning about Paper and some of us was learning about Clothing Waste. In my Aiga I was learning about Clothing Waste. One of the things that I learned about Clothing Waste was that instead of putting your old but good conditioned clothes in the rubbish bin you could put them/it into the Clothing Bin where you can find in Pakuranga or around St. Helliers. While in the afternoon I also have been commenting on some of the people from my Te Taiao o Tāmaki group.
This is my Infographic about Environment:

Inforgraphic- Environment Understanding.png

Inforgraphic - Ash Wednesday and Lent

This is my Inforgraphic about Lent and Ash Wednesday.